Just another blog.

Yep, that’s right – just another blog, by just another blog chick. Actually, can I call myself that? Technically I have called myself exactly that, ‘AnotherBlogChick.com’ (yep, I have officially made it – I have a dot com), so too bad. For no particular reason, other than I like writing. I feel like it’s the 2017 way of writing a diary. For me, writing is therapeutic. I feel things more than the average person – good things, bad things, indifferent things. I fall hard, I hurt easily and I bruise like a peach, quite literally and figuratively. (Note to self: Write a blog about my scars and bruises). It helps to get some of the ‘feel’ out of my guts and onto paper, or the web, whatever.

What this is NOT:
This is NOT a #mumblog, although I will occasionally talk about my dog and other people’s kids. This is also NOT a #styleblog, although I will occasionally talk about my lack of style and what pisses me off in the fashion world. Also NOT a #healthblog, although I will talk about my past, present and probably future struggles with physical and mental health, I am certainly no health guru. Yep, you’re also on the wrong page if you were after a #fitnessblog – but I will attempt to tell you embarrassing stories of my bowel movements during long training sessions because I occasionally sign my self up to ridiculous physical challenges for ‘fun’. Ugh.

What this IS:
Wow, you’re still reading? You read the part about not being a mum/style/health/fitness blog yeah? You’re resilient, I like that! What does that leave? Ramblings. This is my opinions, thoughts and ramblings only.

I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings as much as I enjoy writing them.

Oh and I read a blog (because that’s what bloggers do, did you know?), about writing blogs. Are you following? They told me I need a signature sign off. What the hell? Why? “Say hi to your mum for me”, has already been taken. Shit.
‘Say hi to your dog for me. x’

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